The Italian Tradition and Pride in the Business
Italian Taste Cloud is an innovative franchising project

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→ Allow  Affiliate Producers to

Trade their Italian Products all over the world.

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  Allow international Distributors
(Franchisees) to sell italian products in their countries.


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About Us

Italian Taste Cloud, the international franchise that, inspired by the  emotion of Made in Italy, creates new loyal customers.

E-Movement company  plays the role of advisor to the Franchisees-Distributors. Its role is to promote the products of Producers, Contact distributors and establish agreements with them, supervise the fittings of goods and  monitor the  exposure standards and prices.

Plays the role of advisor to the Producers-Franchisors so that their production and their quality standards could be considered  such as to allow access and permanence within the franchising program Italian Taste Cloud.


According to the survey commissioned to the Société Française des probabilités Electronique - Cedex (France), E-Movement company  has focused attention on the emotion created in the customer's experience  because of contact with the  "MADE IN ITALY " products. To improve that experience E-Movement  has established its Mission in 5 points:

Clarify the method of use of the products
• Match the products at their best
Standardize the  distribution in the different territories
• Involve the  heads of the local distribution
Reduce the  transport costs


The Producers-Franchisors are Companies who need and want to market their products, anywhere in the world, through the 'Italian Taste Cloud' organization.

Be a Producer-Franchisor affiliate to Italian Taste Cloud means either to contribute and experience the belonging to the best Made in Italy and, above all,  sell more through new sales channels.

If a Producer wants to place his products in the international market through ITALIAN TASTE CLOUD, he should :

1. Send a written request via e-mail by filling out the Affiliation Form outlining the peculiarities of the Company and of the products he is intended to sell. The Producer then will prontly be contacted by a manager who is  responsible for the auditing of his request.

2. In case of acceptance of the Affiliation Membership, the Producer-Franchisor should download the Contract, initial it on every pages, sign the last page and send the contract by fax to +39 069409618

Important Note : The costs for Affiliation Membership, mentioned, known and accepted at the signing of the contract, are composed of:

a. a flat fixed fee


b. a commission on any sales made through the distribution channels provided by Italian Taste Cloud



Each Distributor-Franchisee who chooses to join the program in order of becoming a member of the franchise Italian Taste Cloud sales network, should  send a written request via e-mail by filling out the  Affiliation Form in every fields.


The Distributor-Franchisee will prontly be contacted by the Distribution Development Manager who  previously analyzed the request. In case of acceptance, a Contract will be sent to the Franchisee.  The Contract should be initialed on every pages, signed on the last page and re-sent  by fax to +39 06.940.96.18.

Advantages of Affiliation : The Franchisee at the time of signing the contract,  will be included in the promotional program of Italian Taste Cloud and will benefit from any promotional and advertising campaigns which will be carried out by Italian Taste Cloud on any media (press, TV, radio, Internet or other).

Note : Italian TasteCloud is also a partner of a company, called e-Movement, which deals with B2C e-Commerce sales on an international scale.  It may therefore happen that from the same territory on which operates the Franchisee occurs a direct order of purchase of a product which is as well stocked in the availability of the Franchisee. In this case the Franchisee could accept to be considered the delivery agent of e-Movement.  Because of this he will delivery the products purchased by a customer on the website of e-Movement and, previously agreed upon, receive the commission due to his delivery action. This practise is to be intended as an additional service for the customer but also as a further promotion to the knowledge and attendance of the sale point managed by the Franchisee. 


Important Note : The cost for Affiliation Membership of the Franchisee, mentioned, known and accepted at the signing of the contract , is a flat fixed fee.

• The Affiliation it is not considered, by Italian Taste Cloud, an exclusive relationship.


• Commitments of the Distributors -Franchisees:

     a. Compliance with the exposure and delivery's rules of the products.
     b. The Franchisee hopefully will dedicate to Italian Taste Cloud  a clearly visible and  promotionally supported area.




 Solution for large-scale Distribution :

Assumed that Made in Italy raises  a lot of curiosity and interest … Italian Taste Cloud has designed an  equipped structure system for large spaces in order to showcase, combine and exploit at best the Italian products.


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 Solution for shops and restaurants : 

To show, combine and exploit the italian products using an elegant linear structure

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How to order products

Visit the official website at: and request access to the portal user name and password accepted. You'll then have access to the proprietary method to buy products in large quantities. From the home page, select the franchise of interest to the menu item '"FRANCHISING".

Why Cloud?

• "CLOUD" means a visible mass of particles suspended in the atmosphere of the Earth;  a light puffy mass seeming to float in the air ; but also:  the computers and connections that support network computing Lightness, diversity and connection! … This is the philosophy of the organization.

Various researches commissioned by Italian Taste Cloud showed that some countries like – simply - The Pasta, others like  Long Pasta or  Thick or  Corkscrew shaped pasta and this “diversity” is peculiar with all Italian products. Our goal is to connect our Affiliate Producers with Distributors-Franchisee, at beginning, in those countries where we have already checked acceptance by the resident customers. Once established , the mission is subsequently upgrade and increase the different types of food diversity in order to get the local markets used to new taste and finally obtain their loyalty.

These strategies generate earnings for the Partners and reduce the cost of shipping.

How did you find Concept?

  E-Movement Company ( Rome based) has commissioned a marketing research to "Société Française des Electronique, based in Cedex (France)"; Italian Taste Cloud has elaborated the results.


 To the question: "What Distinguishes the Italian Marks  in the world?" 2.100 (out of 3.000) interviewed by telephone in several countries of Europe, have answered : 


Among these :
• 380 - "FERRARI"


 To the question "What do you feel at the sight of an Italian product?"
70% of respondents answered : "EMOTION"
When we have made some extra questions, like : Do you buy Italian products? Are they easy to find? Do they have understandable instructions and labels? After you bought them, do you always know how to use the Italian products? Are you able to combine at best  Italian products? Do you think they have a competitive price? Are you satisfied with Italian products after using them? Would you buy then again ?

The answers ranged from  a lot of exciting to a certain disillusion, but WHAT SHINES THROUGH  is that people feel a strong attraction associated with an italian product when they decide to buy it.

The unsatisfaction it's driven mostly by the facts that : the ingredients have not been matched properly , the timing of "art of cooking" it's not been respected ...

In the end : forty percent of customers would not repurchase the same products.

Italian Taste Cloud elaborated the formula to solve these problems and drive the original  EMOTION INTO FIDELITY !

which is the team?

• With Italian Taste Cloud works a number of experts:

• Journalists in the food and wine sector, suggest that the philosophy of the Italian meal (lunch and dinner on weekdays, for celebrations and holidays).
• Chef able to bring out the best products in the basket, combining the right amounts with the right ingredients, recipes and attention to detail
• Expert sommeliers that combine the meal chosen the right exaltation of Italian wine
• Expert computer that support and simplify the information.


And everything is really accessible in real time even at the time of purchase. The E-team also studied the placement of products in the areas of sales devoted to 'ITALIAN TASTE CLOUD "so that the customer can not go wrong with emotion once caught in the purchase.


E 'born that way "ITALIAN TASTE CLOUD" The E-team produced a series of promotional materials (videos, on paper and on the web), to ensure that the purchaser is aware of what they buy and know the best methods and complement the food to consume it.


How do you promote the activity of your partners?

•  In addition to the search and selection of products, the E-team verifies the involvement of members of the Franchise in the dissemination of the same, advertising on social networks initiatives and entering online, in the languages ​​most important, all the information. Allestice also the point of sale of the products in the areas of distribution. These functions generate earnings for affiliates and make it possible to reduce the cost of shipping.


• The products of this project are the basic products of the Italian meal (pasta, sauces, spices, wine, oil, liquor), all rigorously prepared by Italian craftsmen. Other products no less important are the ones that make, decorate and finish the table in the rite of the meal. Accessories for wine and table created by emerging designers (glasses, dishes, plates, etc.).